Altering the Teams Custom Dictionary on a Mac

We have all done it, you are trying to correct a misspelled word and rather than clicking the corrected spelling we click add to dictionary. Okay, maybe not everyone has done this but the other day I did it to myself in Microsoft Teams.  

I thought this would be a quick fix.  I would go to Word and edit the custom dictionary for Word and all would be forgotten.  Unfortunately, the Microsoft Word custom dictionary for Teams. 

I then went to the dictionary for Chrome (since Teams is an Electron app).  This was also not the location my ariently placed word.  


Imperva WAF With Smart Caching Blocks Access To WHM/cPaenl Control Panel

After placing our WHM control panel behind the Imperva WAF we were no longer able to load any CSS or JS after logging in.  I had tried to find someone else with this problem and I could not find any posts so I hope this helps.  

The solution was that we had Imperva "Smart caching" turned on. Turing off this feature got the pages for WHM to load correctly for us.  

Drupal Requires Raising opcache.memory_consumption Setting

After installing a Drupal module this afternoon I got a 500 on my site so I tried Drush ws in the command line.  From the command line I got the following error. 

mmap() failed: [12] Cannot allocate memory

mmap() failed: [12] Cannot allocate memory
PHP Fatal error:  Out of memory (allocated 2097152) (tried to allocate 32768 bytes) in /var/www/vendor/psy/psysh/src/functions.php on line 279

Check Your Data Use on Comcast

As you may know, Comcast is giving many customers until January 2021 before they start enforcing the 1.2TB on consumer accounts. 1.2TBs is a LOT of data, but if you are streaming high-definition TV, using video calls, downloading large files, communicating with a corporate VPN it can go by very quickly.  Here is a good way to just check where you stand.

Deleting SPAM Users After X Days in Drupal 8

In Drupal 7 we had the LoginToboggan module, but this is not available for Drupal 8.  I needed to replace the "Delete unvalidated users after" x days feature from LoginToboggan so I wrote some quick code that I want to add it in here.  

In a module we can create a function that will delete our unvalidated [sic] users after a set number of days. 

First, I need to define a timestamp for today (right now). 


DrupalCon Global Day 1 Recap

The last time I wrote a DrupalCon recap, I was in a cafe in Copenhagen. It’s definitely different this time around in my office. However, it wonderful to see the resiliency of the Drupal community that DrupalCon was able to rapidly be turned into a digital event. Even though we are not meeting face to face, we are still making connections.  

Yesterday I went to five sessions. I will not go into the details of everything I learned. I will cover some highlights that might be of interest to those in search of great tools on the Internet or wondering what is coming next in Drupal.  


Let's Start The Adventure

I have wanted to start a blog for a long time to share the more interesting finding of the crazy place we call the Internet.  It will be more technical than not, but I hope that it is helpful to others when they are on the hunt for things I had to discover. This, along with a random recipe or two, will be our journey.

Time for an adventure.