Check Your Data Use on Comcast

As you may know, Comcast is giving many customers until January 2021 before they start enforcing the 1.2TB on consumer accounts. 1.2TBs is a LOT of data, but if you are streaming high-definition TV, using video calls, downloading large files, communicating with a corporate VPN it can go by very quickly.  Here is a good way to just check where you stand.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign-in with your Comcast username and password
  3. On the right side of the click View Data Usage Button to go to data usage

Your data usage will say in GBs what you have used this month. For example, 1131GB remaining of 1229GB monthly plan (December 01 - December 31).  Please note 1229 GB is 1.2TB. You will also have a graph where you can see in past months. Rolling over the top of the column for a month will show you an actual value.

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You can click Show Table Data to see the data as a table rather than a bar graph. 

If you find you are close or going over the limit the only thing you can do is reduce your usage or pay Comcast’s price. Comcast has not announced any consumer accounts with more than 1.2TBs.