Delete a Drupal User and a CiviCRM Contact at the Same Time

I had a situation recently where I needed to delete both a Drupal user account and a CiviCRM contact at the same time.  This was to rid SPAM from the system that was made years ago before there was a CAPTCHA in place.  

I thought about making an action to use with Views Bulk Actions, but decided that there was no reason to have two ways to delete a user.  What I ended up doing was using hook_entity_predelete to check if there was a CiviCRM contact attached to a user and to delete it if it exists. 

function my_module_user_predelete(UserInterface $user){
    //Iterate over each possible User and delete the user and their CiviCRM Contact
    $uid = $user->id();
    //Get the CiviCRM ID
    $uf_result = civicrm_api3('UFMatch', 'get', [
        'sequential' => 1,
        'return' => ["contact_id"],
        'uf_id' => $uid,
    $civiid = $uf_result['values'][0]['contact_id'];
    //Delete the CiviCRM contact if one was found
    if ($uf_result['is_error'] == 0 && !empty($civiid)) {
        $contact_delete = civicrm_api3('Contact', 'delete', [
            'id' => $civiid,